.: TYPE VD10 17D

0074 VN10 17D 1800
Product description:
API 682 Type C, Arrangement 2 or 3 Type VD10 17D is high-temperature, corrosion resistance double cartridge metal bellows seal with flow guide and integrated pumping ring independent of the shaft rotating direction. Pressure-balanced metal bellows and Inconel Alloy material selection make this type superior designed for corrosive applications that contain organic acids or sulfur compounds that attack most other materials at high temperatures. Designed to seal fluids in most refinery applications like hydrocarbons, crude oil products, aromatic fractionation product, chemicals….
• API 682 Type C, Arrangement 2 or 3
• Easy-to-install double cartridge design
• Balanced metal bellows
• Inconel Alloy
• Independent of the shaft rotating direction
• With flow guide
• Integrated pumping ring available
Recommended Applications:
• Hydrocarbons
• Refinery & Petrochemical industry
• Oil & gas industry
• Chemical industry
• Seal face: Carbon, SiC
• Stationary seat: SiC, TC
• Secondary seal: Flexible Graphite
• Metal Parts: Alloy 718, Alloy 42, Alloy 625
• Optional materials on request
Operating range:
• Shaft diameter: Dl = 30…80mm
• Pressure: pl = vacuum to 25 bar
• Temperature: t = -75°C…+425°C
• Sliding velocity: vg = 25m/