Preventive maintenance and regular service of pumps ensure efficiency of every industrial system. We provide service of all kind of centrifugal pumps with high qualified stuff with years of experience and knowledge. To avoid downtime caused by unexpected problems with pumps we respond quickly and ensure fast and efficient service.

Service of mechanical seals

Vrska Press offer service of all our mechanical seals as well as other seals manufacturers to help equipment reliability and lower total costs. Our team of experts will do a defect inspection, make the necessary service and test the seal to ensure perfect good-as-new condition.

Service of rotary joints

Vrska Press expert team offer installation, repair and service of rotary joints, syphon systems and related equipment for dryers and other rotating equipment. We do the service of our rotary joints and in some cases, we service rotary joints of other manufacturers. Our team is ready to provide the services that best match your individual needs.