type Sever C16D
Product description:
Type Sever C is balanced single spring pusher-type single cartridge seal, independent of the shaft rotating direction. It is used for general and process industry and oil refining application. Designed to work in extremely hard working conditions, robust seal face, hard and stable composite material enable extended life time in high pressure, high temperature and abrasive environment. Single coil spring design ensure soft start and avoid blocking of movable parts. Available with or without integrated pumping ring.
• Easy-to-install single cartridge design
• Balanced
• Single springs
• Independent of the shaft rotating direction
• Integrated pumping ring available
Recommended Applications:
• Light Hydrocarbons
• Refinery & Petrochemical industry
• Oil & gas industry
• Power plant technology
• Process pumps
• Seal face: Composite, Carbon
• Stationary seat: TC, SiC
• Secondary seal: NBR, EPDM, FKM, FFKM
• Spring: 1.4310, 1.4571
• Metal Parts: 316L
• Optional materials on request
Operating range:
• Shaft diameter: Dl = 25…80mm
• Pressure: pl = 84 bar
• Temperature: t = -40°C…+260°C
• Sliding velocity: vg = 23m/s