Product description:
Sealtex family of single and double modular, balanced, O-ring pusher-type cartridge mechanical seals is specially designed for petrochemical industry. Balanced and robust seal faces allow ID or OD pressurization, and enable extended life time in highly demanding petrochemical processes. Integrated pumping ring available for improved cooling. Seal chamber fits ISO 3069 and ANSI B73.1M..
• Easy-to-install modular cartridge deisgn
• Balanced
• Pusher-type
• Independent of the shaft rotating direction
• Optional pumping ring
• Wide range of design & options
Recommended Applications:
• Petrochemical industry
• Chemical industry
• Seal face: Carbon antimony impregnated, SiC,
• Stationary seat: SiC, TC
• Secondary seal: EPDM, FKM, FFKM, Aflas
• Spring: 1.4571, Hastelloy C
• Metal Parts: 316L, Hastelloy C4, Hastelloy C22
• Optional materials on request
Operating range:
• Shaft diameter: Dl = 25…80mm
• Pressure: pl = 21 bar
• Temperature: t = -40°C…+260°C
• Sliding velocity: vg = 25m/s