Product description:
Cartseal 16D is general purpose, single, balanced, fully pre-asembled cartridge mechanical seal. Cost-effective, standard seal suitable for wide range of industrial applications and equipment. Housing designed with patented frame fixtures or machined cover without connections or equipped with all auxiliary connections for the most important modes of operation.
Seals for operation with unpressurized fluid quench can be equipped with throttle carbon ring or lip seal with connections for flushing (as option) and quench.
• Easy-to-install cartridge design
• Balanced
• Independent of the shaft rotating direction
• Patented
• Idea for standardizations
• Universally aplicable
• For seal coding refer to cartseal catalog
Recommended Applications:
• Process industry
• Petrochemical industry
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Pulp and Paper industry
• Food and beverage industry
• Water and waste water technology
• Steel production
• Seal face: Carbon antimony impregnated, SiC, TC
• Stationary seat: SiC, TC
• Secondary seal: Flexible Graphite
• Metal Parts: 316L, Alloy 718,Carpenter 42
• Optional materials on request
Operating range:
• Shaft diameter: Dl = 25…80mm
• Pressure: pl = vacuum to 20 bar
• Temperature: t = -75°C…+425°C
• Sliding velocity: vg = 25m/s