.: Innovations and the Future

Our company has a vivid imagination of the future of our industry. We believe that there cant be progress without innovation so we try to always be in step with the current technological advancements on our respected field.

By employing these new technologies Vrška Press is able to be a forerunner among its peers and to dictate the trends on the market.

Our research and development teams work tirelessly to bring new ideas, projects and products to test the limits of science.

This dedicated work resulted in 8 internationally recognized patents from which came products that make up the bulk of Vrška Press products.

In the mean time the Vrška Press innovation team works on 3 new patent applications that will revolutionize the way we think about sealing in the future.

Our work is backed up by cooperation with numerous Institutions and Universities that recognize the effort that Vrška Press puts in to developing a brighter future for the technical community.

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